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The Great Lake Jumper

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About Me:

Dan O'Conor is a Chicagoan & an artist who creates wearable art. You can find his collection on www.dtoxdesigns.com.

Raised in Northern Cook County, he saw his first concert -- Alice Cooper -- at ChicagoFest at Navy Pier in August 1980. He has been hooked on live music ever since. His last concert before the pandemic shutdown was Shellac at Lincoln Hall, March 10,2020. Dan began jumping in the Lake to curb the incessant negativity brought on by the pandemic, election year politics, and the rioting & looting. It was a simple way to clear his head and find a few minutes of Zen. By documenting these Lake dives on social media, he organically drew more positive feedback. After a Block Club article in November , his ice breaking videos went viral. On MLK Day, Dan invited Jon Langford to serenade him into the lake with a Sea Shanty. This drew more eyeballs and led to a partnership with CIVLChicago.com. As the social engagement ramped up, so did Dan’s goal of going in the Lake everyday for a full year.

Thus, The Drive to Dive for 365 was born.

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